By Laws

By-Laws of central Oklahoma Metal Detecting Club

Name: Central Oklahoma Metal Detecting Club (COMDC).

The Central Oklahoma Metal Detecting Club is a group of metal detector enthusiasts. The purpose of organizing our club is to gather together metal detectorist for fellowship, to grow in knowledge of historical facts and historical locations and to share such with members, to promote the interest in the hobby of metal detecting and to educate the public as to the value of our hobby and to preserve and protect the right of metal detectorist.

Meeting Time and Day; 2st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

  1. Dues: per year – Over 65 yrs. $35, 18 – 65 yrs. $40, 13 – 17 yrs. $20, 12 and under free with paid adult. Married couples $60. Dues are per calendar year, January through December. Cost of dues shall be reviewed every year to maintain an economically viable club. Dues, along with other fund raisers are to be used to cover operating expenses (outings, food, rentals, coins, etc.). Monies shall be deposited in a checking account that requires two signatures.
  2. Outings; March thru September. (Other outings may be added). No Alcohol allowed.
  3. Find of the month; Only prizes will be awarded for winners. See rules.
  4. Voting members must be at least 18 years of age, fully paid in dues and in good standings.
  5. Officers / elected members: President, Secretary, Treasure, Three board members. Board members will be elected for a one year term. Volunteers; find of the month, and hunt master.
  6. Raffles and fund raisers; items donated should be something that is related to the hobby of treasure hunting, geocaching, or prospecting, etc. example; batteries, books, gold pans, digging tools coins, monies, flashlights, foods, and candies. Please no arts and crafts.
  7. Applicants must be approved by the board for membership. All applicants will be on probation for one year. Members who cause problems may be asked to leave the club and will not receive a refund for his or her dues. Members will be subject to review yearly.
  8. These by-laws may be amended to better serve membership.

Show and tell: Members are encouraged to bring their finds to monthly meetings and show them off and share their stories.

Members are encouraged to do research and share with the club locations to do a group hunt.

Members are encouraged to get together with other members for hunting partners.

Members are encouraged to have fun.

Find of the Month Contest Rules

In order to encourage the membership to bring their finds to show at the club meetings, the club will sponsor a find of the month contest. All members are urged to enter their finds in the interest of fair play, honesty, and good fellowship. Please abide by the following rules.

1.   Items to be entered for the find of the month are Items that are found by using a metal detector.

2.   There will be three categories to enter.

  • Coin’s – this will be any coins including token’s found with a metal detector.
  • Jewelry – This will be any jewelry found with a metal detector.
  • Relics – this will be any relic item that does not fall in other categories found with a metal detector.

3.   Each member may enter only one Item per category each month.

4.  The Item’s entered must be found in the time in-between the previous meeting and the current meeting.

5.   Entries must be submitted to the committee before 7:00 P.M. on the night of the meeting.

6.   Coins or relics found in any seeded hunt are not eligible for the contest.

7.   January will be two contests; find of the month and find of the year. Find of the year shall be any item found with your metal detector and has been entered in a find of the month contest within the whole year.

8.   The judging panel will be made up of all up to date due paying members above the age of 18.

9.   In case of a two way tie, a coin will be flipped.

10. In case of a three way or more tie, we will revote for those that are tied.

11.                The member who found the item must be present to win.

12. Winners of each category will receive a Silver Dime for the prize.

All results will be final. The value of an item does not mean it is an automatic winner.

Rules are subject to be changed by board members after an anonymous vote.

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